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feb 24 2019

TSTV Pilot

Category audition: Film / TV / Cinema 11:02 pm

Main Characters //
ADAM CARVER (Caucasian male, 18-22)
Adam is a high school junior with an inferiority complex and a lot of 80’s rock albums. Constantly tormented by bullies, he decides to form a rock band in order to get laid and fulfill his wildest fantasies of becoming an untouchable rock star. There’s only one problem – he doesn’t exactly know how to play an instrument. Or behave like a respectful human being.

DEREK HARGROVE III (Any ethnicity, male, 18-22)
Derek is a high school junior and the president of the physics club. Between Adam & Derek, Derek is the level-headed one who cares less about what people think of him and more about securing a spot in the Ivy League. He can’t play an instrument, but, since he and Adam have been best friends since childhood, he agrees to be in the band.

JACQUELINE CARGILL (Any ethnicity, female, 18-22)
Jacqueline is a high school junior who dresses like a punk rocker but can barely raise her voice above a whisper. She has a VERY basic knowledge of the bass guitar, and only picked it up in the first place to try and get a girlfriend. Adam and Derek are both super into her, but she’s super into Louise, and, well, it’s complicated.

KYLE DOOLEY (Any ethnicity, male, 18-22)
Kyle is a high school senior who is never seen without his trusty baja jacket and at least four different vapes. He doesn’t play keyboard, but he scams his way into the band on sheer charisma (and a prerecorded song). What he lacks in talent he makes up for in always having a delicious batch of special brownies on hand.

LOUISE ABSTICE (Any ethnicity, female, 18-22)
Louise is a high school junior with a cynical streak and a sharp tongue. She’s Adam’s neighbor, but she goes to a private music school where she has been classically trained in music theory. She’s an excellent drummer, but she would rather sabotage the band from the inside for the fun of it.


Supporting Roles //
ZACHARY CHASE SCOTT (Caucasian male, 18-22)
Zachary-Chase is a perpetually cheerful band nerd who knows a thing or two about playing drums, but he’s the only person who got rejected from joining Adam’s band – He forms his own rival band, but remains unflappably nice, irritating Adam to no end. Oh, and he insists on being called Zachary-Chase. NOT Zach.

MEDINA (Any ethnicity, female, 18-22)
Medina is an alternative, edgy, teenage girl who loves slam poetry and weird thrift store clothes – She performs a poem about capitalism during open mic night, catching Adam’s attention.

MRS. CARVER (Caucasian, female, 40-55)
Adam’s mom, a competitive dog breeder, a little bit odd.

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