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feb 09 2017

Radiant Dark

Category audition: Film / TV / Cinema 4:02 am

We are excited to announce auditions for “Radiant Dark.” A coproduction between Utica filmmakers working together to make a large scale fantasy adventure film. The goal is to unite the community and to help further the creative growth in this area. “Radiant Dark” will bring filmmakers Matthew A. Peters of Mad Angel Films (“Slade Collins”), C Alexander Moore of Yellow House (“27 Matches”), Geoff Orlowski of TorchMan Films (“Planewalker”), Antoine McKnight of Dream State (Everto), and Joshua Reale (Necopath) together for the first time as a super group with one set goal. Each of them will be bringing their unique skills and talents to help tell the epic tale of “Radiant Dark.” Because of that we now need the perfect team of actors to help bring the film to life.

If you are interested in auditioning please email us. Make sure to introduce yourself and include a 3-4 photos and resume if you have one. We will then set up a time for you to come in and audition. Auditions are set up by appointment only, so please make sure to set up a time to come in.

We are looking for proactive actors who are willing to put in the time and effort on and off set. Actors must come fully prepared and excited to be a part of this film. We are looking for actors who will be willing to help promote themselves as well as the film. This is adventure filmmaking so if you love to climb mountains, explore caves, participate in stage combat and film in amazing locations such as castles, then this is the film for you!

Plot: Since the dawn of man, the battle between the forces of light and darkness was fought. Until the day the Goddess of light gave her life to seal away the darkness into a crystal, bringing about a new world of existence. Every 100 years the seal between our world and theirs is weakened. It is up to the vestal of light, chosen by Goddess, to restore the light back to the crystals sealing the darkness away. However the last vestal gave into fear and failed, releasing darkness upon the land now ruled by the Dark Queen Nerugaru. It is up to Cassia, the last vestal of light, along with her rag tag group of unlikely heroes to put a stop to the Dark Queens plans of world destruction and seal away the darkness that threatens the land.

Parts we are Auditing:

We have many parts available. To make things easier for auditions, we’re having people read for these parts. We will base casting for the other roles off people’s performances with these.

Cassia: Female (Early to late 20′s) She is the last vestal of light set with the task of banishing the darkness from the land. She is young and very naive. She’s been kept locked away within the walls of her temple and hasn’t been exposed to the outside world. She is pure of heart and a caring person who only sees things as black and white. She comes off weak but has the will to unite people and possesses untapped power waiting to be discovered.

Bellethiel: Female (late 20′s to 30′s) Bellethiel is an Elven Warrior Princess, the last of her tribe who were all turned to stone by the evil witch Agitha. She is a strong and powerful warrior that is greatly skilled in combat. But due to the loss of her people, she is jaded to the world and comes off as mean and tough as nails. She would like nothing more than to bring justice to her people so that their spirits can finally rest.

Nerugaru “The Dark Queen” (Female 30′s to 40′s) Nerugaru rules over the world. She wishes to see all the light squeezed out of the land. She is a powerful mage who seeks to bring about the end of the world so that she can create a new one. She is cold and calculating, void of most emotions, while spewing words of hate and destruction. Her past is still a mystery, but she was once a vestal like Cassia.

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