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feb 27 2018

Podcast Host

Category audition: Film / TV / Cinema 6:03 pm

Let’s get the first hurdle out of the way. Currently, this is a nonpaying position. If you love speaking about politics and social issues without pay for 2 hours a week, this may be for you. The ideal candidate loves politics and social issues to the extent that devoting 2 hours a week doesn’t feel like a chore, but something to look forward to each week. This is a fledgling podcast that has only been around for 6 months, so we have a very tiny following (count 6 followers, lol), but we now feel we are ready to market it more once we land a solid conservative host that can hold their own. If the podcast does take off, there will be profit sharing. The podcast runs on YouTube and iTunes. It is an Audio only podcast, you will not be visually seen. This podcast is done from your home.

You will join a panel of left leaning co-hosts, so you may often be the only person with your belief system. You must be able to defend yourself with today’s data, not of what you knew or been told of from the 1980s and 1990s. We have had more emotional conservative hosts in the past that spoke from the heart and shot from the hip, but a person who is knowledgeable and well versed and can back their opinion with their own CURRENT data is what we’re after.

The ideal candidate champions right wing causes. However NOT alt-right causes. Here is what we DON’T want. A person who cannot objectively parse news stories. If you find yourself saying “fake news” often on negative right-wing news story, you would be a terrible fit for the position. We need the conservative to be able to remove the spin from any left leaning sources like CNN or Huffington post without dismissing the news story all together as “fake news”. Claiming “fake news” usually indicates you have no intelligent response to a story. A fraction of all news stories is fake; however, the clear majority have a left or right-wing spin, we need a host that can tell the difference. You can consume news from CNN or Huffington post without believing there is some sort of “agenda”. You take the data they use from government agencies as truth, and something they fabricated.

An example would be CNN posts a statistic, you accept the statistics as true, but clearly point out the counter statistic, or you bring out the statistic that CNN may have intentionally left out. Do you see the difference between that and fake news? The left leaning panelists are fed news stories from both Breitbart and fox news and expected to do the same, so we would expect the right wings panelists to follow suit from the opposite spectrum.

Everyone on the panel is anonymous, so your real name will not be known. We prefer college degrees and give strong preference to those who have achieved it. If you find yourself being accused of being racist, homophobic, Islamophobic or sexists often in real life or in comment sections, please keep looking. No alt-right group members, hate group members or groups that achieve their goals via violent means. A criminal and background check will be performed.

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