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gen 03 2019

Horror/Thriller Film

Category audition: Film / TV / Cinema 6:02 pm

CASTING CALL for PAID Horror/Thriller Feature Film to be shot in NYC, Spring 2019.
Award-Winning Filmmakers and Production Team will be holding auditions at the end of next week for their next major project “THE KEYS”.

The Keys is the story of Sam, a new to New York real estate agent who spends an unconventional day in the city with his first client, a vibrant young woman named Ally. As the day goes on, the sexual tension rises until something unexpected and unexplained happens in the last apartment of the day. Six months later, the events of that night still haunt Sam as he tracks Ally down and finds out what’s really behind the dark secret she kept from him that day.

SEEKING UNION and NON-UNION for the following *roles:
All ethnicities encouraged to apply.

GRACE – Late 40′s-Early 60′s. A psychic medium. Feisty yet spiritually grounded. She comes into Sam’s life one day inquiring about renting a new office space for her business and ends up giving him something that helps him find Ally. He and Ally later seek her out to help them when they discover how dangerous what they’re dealing with is. Her connection with Ally proves to go back way further than either initially thought.

JESSICA – Mid 30′s-Early 40′s. Sharp, waspy, vicious. Having been the victim of a brutal attack, she’s dead set on revenge, the only way she knows how: by manipulating her sister into doing the deeds for her.

MICHAEL – Early-Mid 30′s. Good looking real estate agent. A constant source of anxiety for Sam as he paints the picture of what life is supposed to be like for a successful agent in New York City. When Sam closes a big deal, his ugly side comes out. He puts the moves on Ally, which end up having repercussions for him than he’s ever experienced before.

IAN – Early-Mid 40′s. Sam’s new real estate boss. Sleazy. Encourages his agents to close the deal no matter what. Always talking, and always moving. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

ZOE – Mid 20′s-Late 30′s. Ally’s friend, who also works as an EMT. A spunky, punk-rocker with pink hair, she plays a bigger part in abetting Ally’s vengeance crimes than she realizes.

GISELLE – Late 20′s-Mid 30′s. Attractive real estate agent. Closes her deals through her sexuality and manipulative nature. She sees Sam as a deal she tries to close. When she sees him with Ally, she takes her pursuit up several dangerous notches.

KAREN – Late Teens-Mid 20′s. Sam’s ex-girlfriend from upstate. Seen in Flashbacks. She appears sweet, but hides a secret from her devoted boyfriend of five years.

BRUCE – Early 40′s-50′s. Ally’s uncle. A disgusting recluse who speaks softly until faced with his past sins. He lives the life of a hoarder in his small apartment in the projects. Sam and Ally find something he’s kept hidden that might be the answer to their problem.

TOMMY – Late Teens-Mid 20′s. Sam’s older brother. Seen in Flashbacks. Athletic and intimidating. Always put his little brother down. His death comes fast and has more of a ripple effect on Sam as the years go on.

RIVER – Late Teens. Skater kid. He’s not one to be messed with but approaches life with fragility. He holds a lot inside. He’ll fight to the death for his friends, whom he calls his family.

DREW – Late Teens. Foul mouthed street kid who nearly lives his life on his skateboard. If something strange is occurring, he’s the first to come up with an outside the box explanation. When he discovers what’s in the apartment, it blows away any NYC theory he’s ever had about the unexplained.

*LEE – Late Teens. Asian American. Speaks with rapid fire. The most gifted skater. Has a chance to leave New York for a chance to work with their skating idol. Hides this from River because of something private and tragic they both share from when they were ten.
*Will see both male and females for this role.
*Does not need to be an experienced skater, (will use stunt double). Although skating skills a plus.

BEAN – Late Teens. Female. Lanky skater kid. A mathematical genius. She hides her talent to fit in with her friends. It isn’t until she meets Sam, as he reveals he has the same gift, that she’s able to finally show her true colors at the most important moment.

BRIAN – Late Teens. Nasty over-weight skater kid. The bully of the skater group that lives on Sam’s block. Not sure if he’s a friend or foe to them most of the time. He masks his tragic home life by making Drew and the other kids’ lives hell on their lower east side block.

VIC – Late 40′s-50′s. Extremely overweight. Brian’s father and super of Sam’s apartment building. Believes he knows everything. We can see where his son gets his fowl mouth and forceful sense of action.

MARY – Late 40′s-50′s. Brian’s Mother. Does not speak throughout most of the film. Deeply dark eyes that speak more to what she has seen than any piece of dialogue spoken in the film.

To be considered, please reply to this ad with your HEADSHOT & RESUME.
Please put in the subject line: ” NAME_SUBMITTING FOR _CHARACTER ROLE” .

If we think you’re a good fit, we will send you sides, the short the feature is based on, and appointment time.

Thanks and have a Happy New Year.

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