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gen 30 2019

horror/comedy series

Category audition: Film / TV / Cinema 6:02 pm

Production Title: The Horror: The New Beginning Episode One
Production Type: Narrative fiction series 5-6 total episodes
Length: 15-20 mins

College friends celebrate their break with a trip to a cabin in the woods. Unknown to them, this location is a hunting ground for a maniac bent on killing anyone who steps into the woods. Luckily for them, among their group is a film buff who loves horror movies. His meta knowledge might just be enough to save them from the tropes they will encounter.

Director Goal:
I want to make an homage to the horror genre I love, but want to put a humor twist to it. We all know horror can be outrageous at times, and when we put these characters into the situations for each episode we will see it in all its glory and fun. I want each episode to be in respect to a horror genre as well as the directors who created them. The first episode will be the try and true masked murder, the second episode will be vampires, and so on and so forth. Each episode will increase in outrageousness and fun as this rage tag team of friends navigate each horror situation after the next. As these situations are uncovered in each episode the characters will evolve from their hollywood standard cliche to more fleshed out human beings.

Character: Main (The Movie Buff)

Name: John Woods

Gender: Male

Playing Age: 18-22 but needs to look older.

John is a bit chubby, a bit awkward. He is in love with movies, specifically horror movies. He uses movies to connect with others, as he has a difficult time interacting with other people. His favorite game is to suggest movies to his friends to see if they like them or not.

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