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nov 27 2018

Action/Thriller set in desert

Category audition: Film / TV / Cinema 11:02 pm

We seek non-union actors for the following PAID roles.

NIA- 30-35
Determined and free-spirited, NIA bears a lot of physical scars all over her body (even if we won’t see them) She has a radiant smile and a natural elegance. However one should not stick to appearances with her, NIA is wild tempered. Sole child of Tucson area farmers, her upbringing was tough and severe. Passing her time to drive old cars on the property. She left the family ranch by the time she was 14, doing shabby odd jobs here and there before she met ZACK. She quickly became the best driver of Zack’s GO FAST meth traffic. It is only after a while that she realizes the compulsive jealousy of her drug-dealing boyfriend; living in a gilded cage and completely submitted to the will of someone who turns out to be a sick and dangerous maniac prone to cannibalism. NIA has only one obsession in mind: to find a way out and free herself from him. But she needs to find money for that… Luckily, she is strong willed and has always gotten herself out of trouble on her own; no matter the cost, no matter who stands in her way.
Visual Reference: PENELOPE CRUZ in her 30′s

ZACK 50′s – 60′s
Charismatic, smart, strategist with friendly features, ZACK is one of the most influential drug dealers across the region. His specialty: Torture. He has actually made his reputation in the business because of his savagery. His routine consists of opening the bowels of anyone standing in his way, saying French poetry (Paul Verlaine mainly). Over the years, he has become notoriously feared by others. As he falls in love with NIA, a feeling he had never known before emphasizes his insanity: a compulsive, violent and barbaric jealousy, a contradiction to his spiritual side. Aside from the drug trafficking between Mexico and the USA, ZACK is part of all sorts of shenanigans and shady schemes. Whatever it takes to get some money: bank robberies, thefts, any kind of trafficking.
Visual Reference: Salt and pepper, ruggedly handsome, Joe Manganiello/Kurt Russel/Jeff Bridges type.

JOE – 50-55
Canadian that immigrated to Texas when he was young. JOE is a full on Texas guy that has turned to a vegan lifestyle, facing all the contradictions of his situation as a killer.
Visual Reference: Cedric The Entertainer type, authentic Texas accent.

ROD – 30′s
Cowboy defending his ancestral Texan values. Naive and nice except when he has to “take care of” a contract…
Visual Reference: Matthew McConaughey- Dallas Buyers Club

Please mail current headshot and resume, those who also send pictures in character will get bonus points = ) Additional information will be immediately sent to those chosen to move forward. Thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you!

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