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Loop Festival IV edizione – Il viaggio audiovisivo nella musica del nuovo millennio

marzo 1, 2019 — Filed under: Other @ 12:26 am

Torna per la quarta edizione il Loop Festival, la rassegna multicodice con la direzione artistica di Michele Casella che unisce il mondo della musica contemporanea al meglio del filmmaking internazionale. Un viaggio audiovisivo che, attraverso la proiezione di videoclip, cortometraggi, opere animate e tantissima musica, vuole esplorare i meccanismi di interazione fra audio e immagine. [...]

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.apuliafilmcommission.it/news/loop-festival-iv-edizione-il-viaggio-audiovisivo-nella-musica-del-nuovo-millennio

BASSIL’ORA – Dopo il Friuli set in Veneto per il documentario

— Filed under: Other @ 12:26 am

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/news/50777/bassil-ora-dopo-il-friuli-set-in-veneto-per.html

— Filed under: Other @ 12:26 am

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/news/50776/efa-a-reykjavik-gli-european-film-awards.html

CALABRIA, GUIDA AL CINETURISMO – Presentazione del libro a Firenze il 2 maggio

— Filed under: Other @ 12:25 am

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/news/50775/calabria-guida-al-cineturismo-presentazione.html

GLI INCONTRI DELLA CIVICA – Il 7 marzo appuntamento con Beatrice Pucci

— Filed under: Other @ 12:25 am

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/news/50774/gli-incontri-della-civica-il-7-marzo-appuntamento.html

Responsabile HSE – Bosch – Quero, Veneto

— Filed under: Other @ 12:25 am

Albertini Cesare SpA provides die casting and machining services. Il tuo contributo a qualcosa di grande….
Da Bosch – Wed, 16 Jan 2019 16:44:15 GMT – Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Quero, Veneto

Cast Online sul sito: http://it.indeed.com/offerta-lavoro?t=Responsabile+HSE&c=Bosch&l=Quero,+Veneto&jk=97d442320ecbb2cb&rtk=1d4q58kd19hkp800&from=rss

live performance

— Filed under: Other @ 12:23 am

I am a singer/songwriter in need of an excellent violinist for recording and a series of live performances.

Must be locked in the pocket and have experience playing with others.

The vibe is acoustic pop r&b.
Influences include Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, James Taylor, & Broadway.

All recording sessions and live performances will be paid.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/live_performance_9

Couples Podcast

— Filed under: Other @ 12:23 am

Looking for COUPLE to be guests on Dennis Rodman’s upcoming podcast.

Dennis will be a couples therapist looking for an answer to your relationship issues on a filmed podcast titled On The Rebound.

If you:
-Are a couple
-Have relationship issues
-Ability to speak in a podcast setting
-Can come to studio on 1-2 day notice
You would be an excellent fit for what we are looking for.


Phone Number
Description of relationship issues
Duration of relationship
Any social media handle (Not required)
A number to reach you at
And any other comments you have

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Couples_Podcast_1

SCUSATE SE ESISTO! – 1.636.000 telespettatori su Rai3

febbraio 24, 2019 — Filed under: Other @ 12:25 am

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/news/50699/scusate-se-esisto-1636000-telespettatori.html

FESTIVAL DI SPELLO 8 – Inaugurata la manifestazione

— Filed under: Other @ 12:25 am

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/news/50698/festival-di-spello-8-inaugurata-la-manifestazione.html

Contestants Wanted

— Filed under: Other @ 12:23 am

Our 3rd Annual Dolly Parton Look Alike Contest is this Friday Feb 22nd at 9PM.
We are looking for Dolly impersonators, male or female to dress up and compete for the tiara!
Prizes for the top 3 winners- including a $200 Mable’s gift card for food and beverage, Dolly Swag and other assorted goodies!
BBQ and Drink Specials all night.
No official pay, but you can compete to won the title and the crown, and the bar/food tab.
Please reply to this email to enter!
No deadline to enter, any time before 9pm Friday is good!

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Contestants_Wanted_3

New Hit TV Show

— Filed under: Other @ 12:23 am

Television production company seeking video footage of babies dancing for new TV show with HUGE CASH PRIZES. Videos submitted must be of children under the age of 4. Please send Youtube links only. Do not submit footage for download as they will be deleted.

If footage is accepted you will be contacted directly by the producers and flown out to Los Angeles to tape the show. All accommodations and airfare will be paid for.

Note children do not have to be 4 years of age when show is taped in Los Angeles in front of a live studio audience.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/New_Hit_TV_Show_

UN TE’ CON I TALENTI PRATESI 5 – Il 2 febbraio appuntamento con Francesco Tasselli e

febbraio 1, 2019 — Filed under: Other @ 12:26 am

Cast Online sul sito: http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/news/50358/un-te–con-i-talenti-pratesi-5-il-2-febbraio.html

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