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Video Ads for Cosmetic Products

gennaio 1, 2019 — Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:24 am

We are looking for a 40-65 year old female spokesperson to be filmed for a series of videos for a personal care brand. Needs to be able to follow a script, improvise in front of a camera, be outgoing and articulate. To be considered for the position please send us a short video of yourself saying something like:

“Hi, my name is [name]. I’m [years old]. I believe I will be a good fit for the position because…..”

You can film yourself using your phone or other device. The quality of the video is not important.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Video_Ads_for_Cosmetic_Products

Latin cover music videos

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:24 am

Looking to create several music video covers for various remix tracks we have created. Eventually will be uploaded onto Youtube after editing.

Original work by artists such as Becky G, Sofia Reyes etc. Possibly some holiday music as well.

Rates variable – dependent on talent/experience.

Please include asking rate / social media links with inquiries.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Latin_cover_music_videos_

Models, Actors

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:24 am

Are you passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of young people?

We are hiring outgoing, fun loving and dynamic personalities to teach kids and teens Modeling, Acting and Singing!

We are looking for well-spoken LEADERS with a chic and fashionable appearance, dynamic personality, and professional demeanor! Applicants must be charismatic, impeccably groomed and comfortable speaking with parents.

Our Modeling & Performing Arts Academy trains and develops kids and teens for the entertainment and fashion industries. Our programs focus on personal development- confidence, self esteem, communication etc. We strive to teach our talent life skills so they can be successful in all aspects of their lives and any career path they choose.

Experience in Modeling, Acting, Singing or Dancing.
Excellent listening skills and ability to follow directions.
MUST BE WELL GROOMED AND STYLISH! (No visible tattoos, facial/body piercings, etc)
Loves working with kids
Must communicate effectively with parents, kids, and teens
Must have be outgoing, charismatic, enthusiastic and have a positive attitude

Our classes are classes are 3 hours each, twice a month.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Models_Actors_30


— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

CASTING REAL male basketball players and REAL male joggers ages 20-30 for a commercial

if interested please reply with picture and contact info

rate is $500/shoot day with possible buyout of $2750

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/COMMERICAL_14

Non Union Commercial -

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

Hi Everyone,

We have a non union commercial working 1 day in Austin TX (Dec. 8th-11th) need to be available all day (AM start time – PM end time), $250/12 hrs. (you get the full $250 for any time worked under 12 hrs., overtime pay after 12 hrs. if needed) ($250 Check In The Mail) Extra Role (must be at least 18 yrs. old).

This is an AUSTIN shoot (no travel, no gas, no mileage provided) we are booking everyone as an AUSTIN TEXAS local.

If you are avail & would like us to submit you…pls email me (your contact info, height/weight, & a photo/selfie & let us know that you are ok to work in Austin) we will submit you.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Non_Union_Commercial__4

Short Film:

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

This is a casting call for 1 Male and 1 Female actor

Female Actor: Attractive Caucasian. Looks 19-21 (college student) Dark hair. Thin/Average build. Hipster/Intellectual look.

Male Actor: Caucasian. Looks mid to late 20′s. No beards or thick facial hair! Average build. Scruffy is fine.


This is a performance-sensitive short film so you need to know your craft. It’s is a rare chance for you to showcase your acting abilities instead of wasting your time on subpar scripts.

Genre: Drama/Comedy/RomCom

Premise: Two people new to the city find solace and common ground in its beauty.

Production tentatively scheduled for late January/ Early February 2019.

EMAIL head-shots and video reels WITH VOICE if possible. The higher the quality the better.

If you’re chosen you will both be called in for a reading with the Writer/Director and Director of Photography.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Short_Film_4496

Now Casting Collectors, Appraisers

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

Emmy award winning production company, Bunim Murray Productions, is seeking COLLECTORS, APPRAISERS, and TEAMS OF TWO to participate in a game show in development centered on guessing the values of antiques, collectibles, and pop culture artifacts.

DUOS could be siblings, parent and adult child, married couples, roommates, best friends, etc. If you have a general passion for collectables, we want to hear from you!

The APPRAISER would co-host. The appraiser can have an area of specialty but will be asked to appraise a variety of objects for this format. If selected, expect to appraise everything from historical artifacts to pop culture items. The appraiser should be charismatic, witty, and knowledgeable.

COLLECTORS must own an item/s to be appraised on the show. Items can vary between historical artifacts, pop culture items, antiques, one-of-a-kind items, vintage games, etc. It’s a plus for collectors to have interesting stories pertaining to their objects.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Now_Casting_Collectors_Appraisers

"dating advice" video

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

Want to make some extra cash to talk about what it’s like being a single woman in 2018, while having a positive impact on the lives of thousands of men around the world?

Then you’ve come to the right place :) Read on for more details…

* DATE: Exact Date TBD, will be an afternoon between Dec 26-30th.
* COMPANY: Nationally recognized dating advice publication company that has been featured in Men’s Health, Sirius XM radio, among others.

Our subscribers and clients are awesome men men who are normal, every-day guys, but they get a bit nervous and freeze up chatting with women they’re interested in. We help them build the confidence and ability to meet and connect with women more naturally.
(the picture in this post is at one of our client workshops in Chicago recently)

-Segment #1:
We will be asking your thoughts on what kind of things men do when starting conversations with you that are unattractive/creepy/etc. In addition to hearing your thoughts, we’ll also do quick video role-play on how to start a conversation in a more approachable and confident manner.
-Segment #2:
The second segment will be on your own in the days/weeks following our official shoot. You’ll record 3-4 quick selfie style videos as men approach you/ask you out, giving a brief behind-the-scenes of what he said, and your thoughts on the interaction. Easy breezy!

* LOCATION: TBD, will be at a quiet bar (drinks are on us ;) in the afternoon between lunch and dinner

* DURATION: Along with prep time beforehand, the entire shoot shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

- Is beautiful inside and out! Looks are of course important, but so is personality. We’re looking for someone that has a fun, playful personality and isn’t afraid to show it :)
- Genuinely enjoys helping others
- Age range: 20s and 30s
- Other: must be single- we want to provide an authentic insight into what dating in 2018 is like for a single gal in New York.

==== TO APPLY ====
If you’re interested in helping us have a positive impact on thousands of men’s lives around the world, reply to this post with a few pictures and a quick friendly hello.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/dating_advice_video


— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

TATTOO TV SHOW is casting in NEW YORK We are looking for some AWESOME TATTOOED LADIES who would be interested in getting a leg or back tattoo by one our top Tattoo Artists!

If YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW is interested, see below:
-Do you LOVE epic tattoos?
-Do you have a leg and back that is free of tattoos?
-Are you interested in getting an amazing leg tattoo by an award winning Tattoo Artist?
-Are you 21+?
-Do you live in or around New York City?


Please Apply with the following information:
-Full Name
-Email/Phone Number
-3-4 Pictures of yourself
-What is the longest tattoo session you have sat through?


Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/POPULAR_TV_SHOW_11

Advice show

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

Youtube Talk Show is casting people who would like to receive an advice form a a highly credentialed personal and professional life coach in the following areas: starting or growing a business, choosing your career and excelling it, stress management, relationships issues, parenting, happiness and fulfillment.

No travel is necessary, as you can participate from the comfort of your home via skype or zoom. Please email a compelling summary of your situation, specific area you need help with and your cellphone number for a chance to be a guest on the show and live a happier life.

Chosen guests will receive $100 for participating

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Advice_show

Short Education Training Video

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

To be considered, please include a link where we can hear you speaking clearly. Ideally video, but if you reel includes voice work, please include that as well.

GENDER: Male or Female Early 20′s to late 40′s




Business suit — Darker colors generally look more professional. Long-sleeved shirt — light-blue or white are your best choice.

Belt — Choose a dark color that coordinates with your suit and shoes.

Tie — Don’t go with anything too daring, solid colors or pin stripes look best (bring a couple options)

Hair — Hair should be neatly trimmed and combed


Suit — Wear a business suit in a dark color. You can also opt for a skirt suit with a skirt that is at least knee-length.

A professional-looking pants suit is also acceptable. (bring a back-up option as well)

Shirt — Select a blouse that coordinates with the suit and doesn’t show cleavage.

Jewelry — Choose only one or two quality, conservative pieces.

Hair — Keep your hairstyle simple and elegant. Consider an up-do or polished ponytail. Touch up those roots if you color your hair. In all cases, make sure your hair is clean and neat.

Make-up –Keep your make-up light, and your nails manicured. You’ll be filmed from the waist up, and as a general rule, simpler is better.

IMPORTANT: If you’re interested, please email/respond with a link to a reel where we can see you speaking.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Short_Education_Training_Video_3

Escape room hosts

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

If you get enjoyment out of releasing adrenaline in people, then we want you!

We produce escape room games and the interactive theater piece called “Trapped In A Room With A Zombie” where participants need to outwit a hungry zombie that is trying to eat them!
Although the show is a comedy, it produces ample amounts of excitement thanks to the zombie that chases them around a desk for an hour.
We are looking for well-traveled personalities who can entertain guests with polite conversation and guide our guests through a fun-filled hour of adventure and laughter.
You will be required to work with high end corporate clients and the general public.
We are looking for bubbly, enthusiastic and high energy hosts to run our escape room games, and actors to play hungry zombies and mad scientists.

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/Escape_room_hosts

New Metroid movie

— Filed under: Mode & Fashion @ 12:23 am

New line cinema and Northwest productions present a New Metroid movie. need attractive actress, also looking for extras, please send resume and pics. This could be a top paying job!!

Original Cast on site: http://www.starsearchcasting.com/auditions/New_Metroid_movie

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